• Dr. Jim Harris

    Dr. Bocote, you are absolutely right. Business without question THE best way to impact your community. I have told audiences for 20+ years that business IS the new community for employees – what we once looked for in our neighbors we now look to for our employers. So for Christians in business, we have not better public “pulpit” that to show the love Christ (do not say) than with our work colleagues. Terrific post. Would like to ask if I could get you and Dr. Hugh to allow me to post this as a guest post on my blog at Thanks and am excited about the rest of your series.

  • The High Calling

    Dr. Bocote, it’s so good to see you here! Great article. We’ve heard pastors say that the problem is not only with the church’s message to business people. When one pastor began preaching from our series of faith and work sermons on this topic, he received a lot of push back from one business person who said, “I give you my tithe and my Sunday mornings. Now you want my business, too?”

    It’s a complicated issue. At The High Calling we are always trying to create resources to make it easy for church’s to honor business people–commissioning services, hymn and praise song suggestions, sermon outlines, etc. It is going to take a long time for people’s hearts and institutions to change the way they think.

  • Roy M Carlisle

    Many years ago I preached in chapel at Southwestern Baptist Seminary about being a Christian in business and why I wanted and needed a theological education to do that consciously and wisely. Dozens of students came up to me afterwards to express their surprise that someone would challenge a seminary to think about educating adults to enter business and not just formal ministry. But many of them had that secret desire and also expressed their thanks that I had challenged the faculty and administration right in their own chapel. I continue this crusade with my own alma mater, Fuller Seminary, that the regular publications and classes don’t adequately address these questions and only ordained ministers and missionaries are seen as “heroes” of the faith. There has been some slight movement to address this discrepancy and I have great hopes that my friend Mark Labberton, the newly installed president of Fuller, will bring an even higher consciousness to this effort. So my thanks to TIFWE and Dr. Bocote for carrying on the crusade.